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I'm the shaggy, dreaded, trail worn but benevolent beast with a history of failed social lives, that people are afraid to let their children go near or walk on their carpets.

But I mean only the best.
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Matthias sat down upon the cool stone floor. He gazed longingly up at Martin the Warrior, so proud, so brave. What a dashing figure he cut. Looking back down to himself in his baggy green robes and oversized sandals, Matthias felt hot tears of shame and frustration spilling from his eyes and…


Aaaand here she goes! Thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown me over the years. You’ve helped me to grow and learn as a creator and as a person and for that I thank you.

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Thanks again!



This is just a small portion of the stock I’ve prepared today for Okanogan Barter Faire. I have six gigantic boxes of leather scrap that will be coming with me, too, and a ton of jewelry pieces I’ve never shared before. Hopefully, I’ll make enough money this weekend to hold me over for a while, as this is officially the last festival of the season. 

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you should swing on by! Okanogan Barter Faire is a fantastic event. You can read more about it HERE

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Irish National Heritage Park
The Invasion of the Vikings

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